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Free Sketchup Model - Modern Villa With Vray Visopt

Free sketchup model modern villa and vray Visopt
Free sketchup model modern villa and vray Visopt

Designed, Modeled and Rendered :  Joel Caleb Nanez 

Information on the 3D model
Caleb gives us the following information:
A project calls for a design which accommodates a single family with a green environment living and is an extension to their far from home primarily known as a Rest House , located at Batangas, Philippines.
In order to convince the client, the proposal  had to be realistic as much as possible by expressing a real condition of the site, In that way I used to think of an ambient that would gives a natural outlook of the scene when it comes to setting up render.
The scene, It was modeled in Sketchup 2013 complete with components, maps and vray 2.0 settings. Rendering took about 7 hrs in Vray including test renders. I’m always aware of my work that it doesn’t always perfect, and day after day, I'm always looking to improve in search of the excellence.

PASSWORD 29nanez

ATTENTION : the password to extract the file, must be typed, do not copy and paste

Download here : https://bit.ly/1Jv8rXd 

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