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Sketchup Models - Modern House

Sketchup Models - Modern House
Sketchup Models - Modern House 

The name of this project is CASAS PARTICULARES which means " holiday home"

For the 3D modeling I used SketchUp Pro 8, because it is a program very easy to use as well as being a powerful software architecture, great for those who do a job like mine.

For rendering I used VRAY 1.6 Beta for sketchup . though a lot of rendering plug-ins is available VRAY is different it's a very powerful rendering plug-ins that challenge you to make your concept/sketches come to reality. thanks also to its added new features (Vray RT, Vray proxies, etc..) it helped me to produce a realistic image like in 3ds max.   

I hope this 3d model I shared complete with VISOPT, HDRI ,  IES LIGHT and TEXTURE
could be of help to all those who are learning both 3d modeling that the rendering process.

Download Here 

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